The real effect of Shropshire’s flooding crisis

Photo: Jamie Ricketts / Shropshire Star 

Effects from the recent flooding across the country have been catastrophic, many homes and businesses across the region have been ruined and thousands of pounds worth of damage ensued. 

Our production manager, Olivia Evans, looks at the real impact it has had on our local communities in this week’s blog. 

My mum, Susan Newman, owns Belle, a gift shop in Coleham Shrewsbury which has taken a massive hit from the weather over the past few weeks. 

Normally a busy area of independent cafes, hairdressers and boutiques, Coleham is now under 50cm of flood water, as is the case with many villages and towns down the River Severn including Ironbridge, Bridgnorth and more. 

Having just recently redecorated her shop, my mum will now have to wait for the flood water to subside before assessing the true amount of damage it will have done. 

Thankfully, we had been warned beforehand and were able to remove a lot of stock and put bigger items higher up away from water but there was nothing we could do to protect the flooring, paintwork, electrics and furniture. 

Shrewsbury is one of the worst places hit in the UK, and it’s caused widespread devastation across the local community to homes and businesses alike. 

But what’s clear from these events is that Shrewsbury has an outstanding community spirit. 

Salopians have been supporting each other tremendously, coming to each other’s aid and donating time and money to those most in need. 

And from what we’ve seen on social media, it seems the same across the region.

Our client, Merrythought, is based right next to the river in Ironbridge, it has had to close its factory and shop this past week due to the flooding. The team took to Facebook to thank Telford and Wrekin Council and the Environment Agency for their continued help and support.

Other disruptions include the heavy traffic congestion following a number of road closures – ordinary journeys that are just a couple of miles have now taken hours due to diversions. 

There is no doubt that even if you don’t have a home or business in the water that you have been affected and it is now paramount that we support each other to help rebuild the town. 

2019 was the worst year for sales in a quarter of a century with high street spending falling by 3.1%. With the start of 2020 off to a not-so-great start as well, it seems now, more than ever, we need to support our local businesses.  

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