The art of the interview


Our PR Intern Adam James lifts the curtain on his podcast interviewing techniques and how he helps guests get in front of the mic…

I am really beginning to find my feet here at Nathan Rous PR, and I look forward to coming in every week to crack on preparing, making, and editing audio content for our forthcoming podcast. 

When I first started here I spent time integrating myself into the business,  getting used to working on Apple Macs, controlling the microphone levels and getting clued up on GarageBand – the software we’re using to create and record the podcast. 

Now I know the kit inside out, I have pushed myself even further with this project and have been undertaking interviews with guests.

I have largely been taking on the community-side of the podcast, speaking to some of the amazing and fascinating people from within our county who are doing some incredible work. Trust me, no two days are the same.

A vital part of interviewing for the podcast is building a relationship, rapport and vitally, taking the time to put in the research.

Here at Nathan Rous PR we know what makes a great story, but we also know how to get people to tell us their great tales.

What the podcast allows me to do is speak to people candidly about their subject, but in order to get more out of the interview a key step is research.

You need to know as much as you can about your subject in order to make sure you are asking the right questions, and unearthing those great stories.

The basics of interviewing are of course the who, what, why, where and when. However, to really get under the skin of a story you need to have a few questions in your back pocket – and that is where the research comes in handy. While you wouldn’t read out a list of questions during an interview, it’s always worth having notes from your research there as reference. 

This is something I started to learn when I recorded interviews for my radio show on community station NOVA FM.

Here I have interviewed everyone from local musicians to mental health campaigners and mayors – so it’s something I have become attuned to over time. 

Making a guest feel relaxed is key, if they are not comfortable then by definition they are uncomfortable, and that can often lead to an awkward interview – which none wants.  

To help relax a guest I make sure I speak with them in advance of the interview and get to know them allowing them to feel at ease with me.

Once we are on these terms then it’s time to get them in to the office here, turn the faders up, let the ‘On Air’ sign glow red and start chatting. 

The podcast will be up and running soon and we already have some superb guests and interviews lined up for you. I look forward to everyone hearing all the hard work we have put into this, so stay tuned for more soon.


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