Nathan Rous

Nathan spent every holiday from the ages of 15 to 18 working in local newspaper offices, mastering the art of news-gathering and learning how to fill in an expenses form. One paper offered him a job simply to stop him arriving unannounced.

While PR is often considered a dark art, Nathan’s skill in engaging clients and driving a strong news agenda has reaped big rewards with coverage in leading media across the world.

Nathan also set up a project to teach schoolchildren how to produce their own newspaper. Many kids were bewildered when discovering they couldn’t ‘turn it on’.

Tracey Rous

Tracey has been addicted to spotting trends and predicting what people want to talk about since she became the first pupil in her convent-school class to wear Fame-style leg warmers and fingerless gloves *proud face*.

These natural talents were crafted and honed during 18 years as a journalist, including a decade as Women’s Editor of a leading regional title and fashion editor for a monthly glossy magazine. 

Her strengths lie in pitching unique ideas to journalists, building strong relationships and staying ahead of the pack.

Nathan Hughes

A business can never have too many Nathans so it was with open arms that we welcomed Nathan Hughes to the team at the beginning of 2016.

Nathan has been brought in specifically to grow NPR’s video and graphics content and has already shot some incredible footage for our clients. His work has a real cinematic feel to it and with statistics telling us that 75% of all web content in 2017 will be video-based he’s a hugely important addition to NPR.

His OCD in the office means we have to hide the different coloured highlighter pens and ensure we don’t leave any leads trailing, but his attention to detail is helping us all raise our standards.

Lily Rutherford

Lily has been obsessed with pursuing a career in PR ever since she took her 17-year-old self down to the big smoke to complete an internship within the Benefit Cosmetics PR department.

Since then, Lily has packed in a wealth of marketing and PR experience, sitting on both sides of the desk through working within agencies and in-house marketing teams. 

Her love for luxury items, which can mainly be noted by the designer handbag sitting in the crook of her arm (Mulberry being a particular favourite), makes her a great asset to NPR in understanding the needs of both the client and the consumer.

Sarah Hughes

It seems as well as never having too many Nathans, a business can also never have too many Hugheses – although Sarah and Nathan are in no way related!

Sarah’s passion for news started young, thanks to her parents’ almost religious devotion to the BBC Six O’Clock News. After fulfilling her childhood ambition to working as a journalist for various regional newspapers and magazines, she made a successful switch to PR – and hasn’t looked back ever since, gaining phenomenal results along the way. The clients words, not hers.

Sarah prides herself in taking the time to understand her clients and they often say she acts as an extension to their team, instinctively ‘just getting’ what they’re about.

Olivia Goode

With experience of working on a regional editorial desk, Olivia joined the team with a wealth of organisational skills to help keep the NPR ship on the right course. And she also knows a good story when she sees one and how to keep to numerous deadlines.

Having already nailed her position as the voice of Radio Luxembourg, furthering her career within the media was the obvious choice and her dulcet tones are certainly a welcome addition in the office – an antidote to the often dubious playlists preferred by other members of the team.
And what’s more, with Olivia’s lack of a matching moniker to any of NPR’s other employees, Lily couldn’t be happier that she’s no longer the only odd ball. 

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