Shrewsbury Town’s FA Cup journey: The story which secured exposure money can’t buy

Image: Jamie Ricketts, Shropshire Star

Our Content Manager Nathan Rowden explains how the power of a great story can take your brand to places money can’t buy…


Here at Nathan Rous PR we believe in the power of PR and a good story over everything else, and here is why.

Our belief is that we can raise a brand’s profile and give it exposure organically through great storytelling. Our track record and success in this field speaks for itself with us able to secure hundreds of pieces of coverage every month in broadcast, print and online all over the world.

If you have any doubt about the power of a good story then look no further than what has happened right here in Shropshire over the last couple of weeks. 

The recent FA Cup coverage for Shrewsbury Town and their tie against the titans of Liverpool is a classic example. 

Full disclosure before we continue, I am both a Liverpool and and a Shrewsbury Town supporter and attended both of the games, which were thoroughly enjoyable affairs as a football fan (as you may see from the above picture of me at the game).

Over the last fortnight, Town’s fourth round tie against the Reds has been splashed over the back pages of national newspapers, has been the centre of discussions on national radio and television, and has huge amounts of coverage online all over the world.

It’s not often that a mid-table League One club would get level-pegging exposure with one of the most famous clubs on the planet.

The global brand of Liverpool is huge, and there will always be interest in a club with such a gargantuan international following, but the FA Cup tie also came of huge benefit of  Shrewsbury Town in this David versus Goliath clash.

The first game was at Shrewsbury and the BBC cameras were in town to broadcast the game  across the nation and indeed the world. It was a remarkable game of football with Town coming from 2-0 down to draw and take the game to a replay and the world famous Anfield. This is the incredible story which I mentioned at the start of this post. 

Due to their heroics, the following day Shrewsbury Town were not only the talk of the town, but the sporting world. They had captured the hearts of many across the globe. 

The back pages were plastered with pictures telling this amazing story – it was exposure that Shrewsbury couldn’t buy and could only have achieved through this stunning achievement. 

There was a direct impact commercially almost immediately with a Tweet from the club’s shop revealing that orders for merchandise had spiked by 75%, with sales all over the world to places like Russia, USA, Thailand and Brazil. The power of that exposure is plain to see, and it was also thanks to  one thing. The story.

The replay at Anfield did eventually end in disappointment for Shrewsbury, with them losing 1-0, but they had already gained a following not only in Shropshire and the West Midlands but all around the world.

What the events of the last couple of weeks do show is that having a good story, and telling it in the right way can be invaluable to business or a brand. 

Strong storytelling will always get great coverage and our journalistic approach to PR will always unearth those amazing untold tales you don’t even know you are sat on.

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