Reputation management during Covid-19

It’s safe to say we’re living in uncertain times and Covid-19 is affecting everything and everyone in one way or another and businesses all over the world are planning for the worst. 

However, companies still need to look at protecting their reputations during the outbreak as how you respond could make a huge difference to how you’re perceived by customers. 

We’ve rounded up some of our favourite responses to the outbreak below. Don’t forget that we’re offering free crisis advice to businesses which have been affected by the outbreak. To book a session, email 

  • Carluccio’s 

The Italian restaurant was one of the first companies to send out an email to its databases explaining its new hygiene regimes over the weekend. They detail how they’ll be cleaning down between every sitting, regularly cleaning door handles and have daily communication going out to all staff as the virus changes and develops. 

  • Watergate Bay in Cornwall 

Watergate Bay in Cornwall has released a statement which explains they know plans can and will change at the last minute so are offering guests the chance to hold deposits for 12 months so you can book, cancel and rebook without worry. 

  • Kindred Yoga Life 

Kindred Yoga Life has taken to Instagram to reassure customers of the various steps they are taking during the outbreak but also encouraging customers to continue with their Yogi practice and find solace during this crazy time. 

  • Joint supermarket response  

All UK supermarkets have joined forces to pull together a response to the spread of coronavirus and the stock-piling that has been taking place. They’ve reassured shoppers that they will be getting new supplies but have also asked everyone to be more considerate in the way they shop to ensure there’s enough essentials to go around. 

  • Iceland’s elderly hour 

One Iceland store in Northern Ireland has announced it’s opening its doors exclusively to the elderly first thing in the mornings to allow them to get what they need ahead of the rush.’

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