Meet Adam: Our intern who lets nothing hold him back

Life can be quite difficult sometimes living with a visual impairment and dyspraxia but I just don’t want that to hold me back.

I have always been passionate about current affairs and felt that along with my drive that I would have a lot to offer in this industry.

The position of intern really appealed to me because I wanted to continue to gain experience in the media sector, but felt I wasn’t ready to enter a full time work yet. I am slowly building up to that and know that it will require a lot of support along the way.

When working out my next steps after finishing college I started looking through media firms across Shropshire online, and that is how I came across Nathan Rous PR. 

I noticed that a lot of the company’s marketing was done through audio and video. I present a weekly show on NOVA FM, a community radio station based in Newport, so naturally I felt I would be a good fit. 
I applied to Nathan Rous PR through an organisation called Enable, and was helped by their Supported Internship Programme, a supported employment course which engages with 16-24 year olds after they finish college. 
Enable initially got in contact with the firm, and they welcomed me with open arms. 
Director Tracey Rous and Production Manager Olivia Evans said they were very impressed with how my first interview went and I was really grateful for their feedback. They were so enthusiastic about how I could fit into the team.
When I first started with the company, I was provided with a job coach who was there to integrate me slowly into the new business and begin to make me more and more independent, and now I am standing on my own two feet and getting stuck in.
My advice for anyone looking to get an internship is to just get yourself out there. 

In the past, I’ve held back from doing things because I think I am not able, but never let life’s obstacles stop you from achieving your life’s ambitions. 

If you have a passion for something then you should get out there and look for potential organisations to gain valuable experience.

I am really enjoying being at Nathan Rous PR. I have been tasked with getting a podcast going to promote the business in the UK and around the world, and that’s all coming together nicely.

It’s been great working and socialising with all the team who share similar passions to me and I have also been learning a lot.

In the coming weeks, I will be interviewing people including clients, leaders in the business community and those who have made a difference in their own way.

Watch this space and make sure you tune in for a listen to our new podcast, which will be out soon. 


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