Listicles and the vital exposure your brand
may be
missing out on

A link has popped up on social media that you just can’t resist the urge to click.

You’ve been lured in by an irresistible headline which might say something like ‘7 things Harry might do after Megxit’. You’re not going to scroll past that timely article right now are you?

The listicle has become something of a phenomenon over the last decade, particularly online. The reason is simple, people love them.

It’s well known that the way we read and consume words online is totally different to how we would say in a physical newspaper or magazine. 

This has led to the unstoppable rise of the listicle.  An awful lot of people are disparaging about this kind of writing, however they serve a useful purpose. 

Listicles are not to be confused with clickbait articles designed to purely attract readers through the headline. It may say something along the lines of ‘You won’t believe what Meghan looks like now she’s left the Royal Family’. You almost know before you click it that this piece is going to be less than illuminating. How much can some change in a few days, right? Clickbait is frustrating and you feel like a sucker as soon as the page has loaded, and none of us want that.

A listicle in its essence is a form of writing using a list as a basic structure. They are often odd numbers, and there is a reason for this. Our eyes are more drawn to things we don’t expect to see. 

Did you think the use of ‘7’ earlier in this piece was odd (literally)? Well there you go, you’ve taken notice.

Importantly, once you’ve reached a listicle they tend to be easy to digest, informative and hit home quickly. It’s content a reader can snack on and read at pace without having to get bogged down in a bigger article. 

More often than not a reader has arrived at said listicle because they are interested in a specific subject, and right there is a captured audience. 

So in terms of getting your brand out there, being part of online and print listicles can be a great way to reach a focused and target market. 

Here at Nathan Rous PR we pride ourselves in bagging the best slots for our clients, and some of these are in the form of listicles. 

For our client Pines & Needles for example, getting them listed in a ‘Top 11 places to buy Christmas trees’ in a national publication on the run up to the festive season is a powerful piece of coverage, which can make a real impact on their business. 

It’s not just online where listicles work well either. Last year we at Nathan Rous PR secured a spot for the Malvern Autumn Show in the Sunday Telegraph’s ‘Your autumn to-do list: 50 top days out’ which reached a massive 238,000 readers. 

There are listicles in pretty much every subject, whether it be a topic trending on social media, topping the news agenda, or in more niche subject fields, the possibilities are endless. 

It’s important for brands to make sure they are part of these listicles, especially in respected and trusted publications. That’s why it is important to have a PR firm which will identify these opportunities for you and make sure your brand reaches the places it needs to, something which we pride ourselves on here at Nathan Rous PR. 

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