Life (and PR) lessons from a great visionary

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Every office has banter, chatter, water cooler moments. Ours often happens first thing in the morning as we deconstruct the day’s headlines both for our own amusement and to ensure we are always in the loop for our clients. The resulting brainstorm is at full pelt with words and ideas crashing around.

Today was different – reflective, sombre, thoughtful. The news Stephen Hawking had passed away gave us all pause for thought. Indeed wasn’t that what he did best. Made us all think, question, look closer at what we take for granted and wonder if there is something else to see.


We often say the word inspirational and sometimes are guilty of using it too readily, too glibly. Today is not one of those days – in fact it doesn’t go far enough to describe one of the great visionaries of our time who not only dissected the universe but the human condition.


And if we are allowed to look at it this way respectfully  – he was possibly the best example of how to PR yourself.


He had a job as niche as they come yet made it relatable to the masses. He wrote a book most people would admit they never read but nevertheless was a bestseller with a title that has become a contemporary saying in its own right.


His disability which many, including doctors, had claimed signalled the end of his life, he turned into an opportunity to learn more and embrace his amazing mind. While doing so he made everyone look differently at how to tackle life’s challenges.


We hear a lot about today’s snowflake generation and after recent interviews with some young people for a role at Nathan Rous PR there are definitely reasons to be concerned that we are not preparing our youngsters well enough for life. And to live a good, constructive, fulfilled life.


Every school should today ensure Stephen Hawking is a must on the syllabus for some serious life lessons including how to PR yourself. He shared so many insightful, positive and life-affirming opinions but we want to leave you with this –


“However difficult life may seem, there is always something you can do and succeed at, it matters that you just don’t give up.”

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