Good weather and good football – is it too good to be true?

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Good weather and good football – is it too good to be true?

With excitement building and just over 24 hours until England’s next match which of our bloggers is the World Cup’s biggest fan….


Amelia West


Two things we English love to moan about – football and the weather.

But definitely no moaning here – the World Cup is so good it’s given me the best excuse to sit inside and enjoy the shade.  Win, win for me. But who else could be on for the same.

Cannot contain my excitement that really it is anyone’s guess.

Spain, Argentina and Germany – all surely favourites, all former holders and all out already. 

With so many big teams heading home early you get the feeling that this could be the year an outside team wins the world cup. What I love most about the world cup and sport in general, everyone coming together to watch the best of their countries athletes perform on the world stage.

At home, my dad has embraced the World Cup and has decorated a room with over 50 England flags, as well as a single flag from each country competing in the world cup. Also in the newly-dubbed “world cup room” is a large Icelandic flag and an Iranian flag. These were chosen because we have family friends who are Iranian and we wanted to support them and the Icelandic flag because of the values and support the Icelandic fans show in these major tournaments.

For me this is what the world cup is about, celebrating football and the tournament. There is such excitement for each match no matter who is playing. Despite there being so much doubt running up to the tournament you now get the sense that this is one of the most successful World Cups we have had in some time.

You can now see the pressure on England as their success leads to expectations of more success. Despite this, there seems to still be a relaxed atmosphere amongst the team out in Russia. England remain unbothered by whatever is circulating in the media and Gareth Southgate’s approach seems to be working so far. Long may it continue = that goes for the heatwave too.


Nathan Hughes


What a time to be an England fan. I might have come to this party late but not sure I’ll ever want to leave if they keep this up.

This time last year there was more chance of Maradona being picked for England’s starting line-up  than my holiday revolving around a football game.

But as England countdown to their match with Columbia tomorrow night I find myself working out the best way to watch while on a week off from work.

I’m sure seasoned fans would say this is what the World Cup is all about. When it’s good there’s no escaping its clutches. And we may have to juts admit this World Cup is deleivering on all fronts.

The action is relentless – shock exits, hat-tricks, penalty shoot-outs, red cards, VAR. It’s all there and better still England elbowing into position as favourites. Who’ve have thought it. But without a previous World Cup holder in their path to the final they are could just lift that elusive trophy.

And everyone seems to be feeling the same way. I think the Royal Mail may live to regret their stand on flags which all seems a bit churlish now everyone feeling a lot more patriotric.

No they  felt no-one would really be that bothered when faced with another England let-down.

Now flags are appearing everywhere with people enjoying the sight of St George’s cross fluttering in the breeze. And how lovely those flags would have looked on the Red Royal Mail vans. 

Just over 24 hours to go until we find our if we get extended opening hours for this party but here’s hoping. For now I intend to follow the lead of fans from the supposed losers in our group.

Panama and even Tunisia celebrated their small victories – first World Cup goal and first win at the World Cup in forty years respectively – as if they roundly thrashed their opponents in the final.

And why not – they are significant achievements not to be sniffed at.  

Come on England – celebrate in style. We’re still in it, other countries actually, properly think we could do it and Gareth Southgate is working that waistcoat like a true trend-setter. 

Just maybe ….

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