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England continue to progress and there is a feeling in the air that this year it could be different. This year it feels like it is set up for England to win with teams like Germany and Spain crashing out early.

At a time where our country is so split with politics it feels like this is one thing that will unite the country. Does the England football team represent us better than the politicians who we voted into power?

Many businesses are responding to England’s performance with their PR, using their social media to show their support and belief in the team.

Yorkshire Tea has been using their social media to post about the football. One post included a list of what is coming home with them from IKEA, which included football. British airways also jumped on the bandwagon when they posted a picture of a boarding pass and with the passenger name as Football and the destination as home.

Paddy Power have also got involved on their social media. Paddy Power vouched to donate £10,000 to LGBT+ causes for each goal Russia scored in this world cup. After Russia’s exit from the tournament Paddy Power announced that they have raised a total of £170,000 for these LGBT+ charities who will be helping LGBT+ people involved in football in all levels up from grass roots.

Supermarkets ALDI and LIDL are both closing doors early on Sunday if England do get through to the final. They have promoted this on their social media staying that it will be done so their staff will have enough time to get home and watch the game.

It seems that many businesses are getting involved now England are though to the semi-finals and if they are to progress through to the final it looks like there many businesses closing doors early on Sunday, and if England were to win the tournament… it’s a big if, some employers have already said that they will give their staff a day off on Monday, no doubt to recover from the celebratory hangover.

Our top tip for bosses – if you are helping your staff and the country to enjoy this good mood tell people about it.
Post to social media about your celebrations and even give the local newspaper a ring. Nothing so good as feelgood PR. 
Enjoy the game all – Football is coming home!!



Written by Amelia West – 11/07/18


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