Business as usual as we work from home

Our account manager Jodie takes a look at the ‘new normal’ of working from home in this week’s blog.
So many homes across the country are becoming makeshift offices even Netflix has had to reduce the quality of its streaming videos so broadband services can cope.
But how do we all cope with morphing from the water cooler regular to work hermits. Not too badly if my first ever week of the big morning commute downstairs and across the kitchen is anything to go by and I have learned a few things along the way.
Firstly it is about mindset. So there’s no official office – your workstation is now the kitchen table. That means no office distractions either and you can be even more productive particularly during the core 9-5 hours.  That saved time from the commute – great for adding in some more exercise to your daily routine. Cheaper lunches without the temptation to head out on the town with colleagues.
There are challenges too not just pushing yourself to actually get out of your bed to flip open the laptop. Our team too are a very creative bunch and I do miss the ideas winging their way around the office – often unprompted. But technology can help fill that gap with regular video conference calls.
So as my first week comes to a close here’s some tips on making the most of your day.
  • Have a shower and get dressed. As tempting as it might be, you won’t feel productive in your pyjamas so get up and get ready to start the day.
  • Create a plan. You don’t want to find yourself glued to your computer at 5 pm and realise you haven’t even looked up let alone fed or watered yourself. Make sure you take a proper lunch break – set an alarm if you have to. If you can get outside at this time, do and get some fresh air to re-energise. Then make sure you set yourself a time to ‘go home’ and stop working, too.
  • It’s not good for anyone if you’re glued to your screen from 8 am – midnight every day. And by week two of working from home, you’ll be shattered.
  • Make sure you set up a dedicated workspace. You might not have an entire office room, but you’ll have somewhere in your home to set up a small area for the time being – that way, when you’re in your workspace, you’ll feel ‘at work’.
  • Communicate with your colleagues. If you’re used to working in an office like me, it’s really strange to suddenly be on your own. Schedule in a morning call with your colleagues to get the day started – that way you can’t be in your pyjamas!
  • Don’t sit in silence all day. Whether it’s the radio or Spotify, whatever you’re used to in your office, try and replicate at home to add some more normality – but no TV,  it’ll be too distracting.
  • Get some exercise. I’m using the time I usually spend commuting to do a morning run or work out. If you can’t get outside due to self-isolation, there are loads of work out videos online to try, too.  

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