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A good news day! We don’t get anywhere near enough of them but when one like the British Citizen Awards comes along you just have to soak up every last wonderful, inspiring, humbling minute of it.

As official sponsors of this wonderful event our team was fortunate enough to head to London en masse for the bi-annual awards ceremony at The House of Lords.

Not only did we love every minute of it but we couldn’t have felt prouder of what was achieved in that room overlooking the Thames.

It is our job to raise profiles across numerous industries and we really enjoy working with some of the best brands in Britain – in fact we all love our job most days.

But this particular day was pretty spectacular. We had the privilege of meeting some of the best people in Britain and give them their moment in the spotlight. And what a moment it was.

There were tears, laughter and even gasps of amazement as story after story of selfless sacrifice was told and people in their own words explained how they had helped to make a difference to thousands of lives in communities across Britain including some of the most vulnerable members of those communities.

Nathan Rous took to the stage to present several awards and also tell those honoured with a medal just how much this project has meant to us.

Over the last month we have spoken to all the medallists on the phone and everyone in the office has been in agreement about what lovely people they all are.

As we got to meet them in person that view was confirmed a thousands times over.

To be able to support the BCA team who have so diligently searched out these unsung heroes as they worked to give them the recognition they so richly deserve we really did feel part of something truly unique and worthwhile in all kinds of ways.

The feeling of connection and bringing people together was talked about a lot during the poignant ceremony and all of the medallists are doing their bit and more to do just that.

In his speech Nathan said we often talk about ordinary people doing extraordinary things but that there was nothing ordinary about anyone on that list of medallists. While words can often fail to sum up a mood this is possibly as close as you can get.

Thanks to Mike Faulkner and his BCA Team for being so wonderful to work with and going above and beyond themselves to run this awards event twice a year and a shout out to our own Sarah Hughes who has led this project at Nathan Rous PR so brilliantly.

We have all been inspired to do more as a business and as individuals – watch this space for more news on that coming soon.

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