A crisis-driven Budget

Go big or go home. Fresh in the hot seat it seems our new chancellor has taken this advice to heart – and bank balance – for his first and crisis-driven Budget.


There was some big spending going on with money flying around left, right and centre for the big issues, with coronavirus and flooding the most immediate and dramatic. 


But whether or not we should be worrying about the lack of, or indeed a secret money tree, this was no time to hedge your bets.


It’s been a really tough few years with no sign that it’s going to ease anytime soon, so we all needed something yesterday that screamed ‘we will get through this’.  


Going anything but big was not an option.


There’s no doubt this Budget was landmark and it’s why our office mirrored the busiest of newsrooms once Rishi Sunak began to reveal his historic spending spree.


This is the story of the week as it ties together almost all that we are facing and talking about: for us that means our clients need to have their say on this.


Like the man at the lectern talking millions of pounds to reassure a very battered and bruised UK, businesses need to communicate with their customers and clients how these issues are impacting on them, how they are dealing with it, and the plans they are putting in place to ensure those they need to look after will be looked after.


They need to shout about the positives and they need to be among the leading voices calling for even more change, or measures that will help their particular industry.


They need to be the experts giving their opinion on whether this is or isn’t the Budget we needed, and if it can make the difference.


Engaging with your customers, building trust, showing that you know what you are doing and being responsible in how you are doing it has never been more important, and trade will only continue to develop in that direction.


We know it is only positive for our clients to be visual in all they are doing, so on big news days like the budget we are briefing clients, talking them through what they want to say and getting that information across to numerous media channels as efficiently as possible because it needs to be instantaneous on a major story like this.


With several former journalists in the team days like this are among our favourites in the office, feeling part of something game-changing and ensuring our clients are at the forefront.


So it is definitely go big or go home for us too!


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