Hat trick of client wins for Nathan Rous PR

Nathan Rous PR has announced a hat trick of client wins with new contracts to handle the UK PR for Hattons of London, Ideal Carehomes and Purition – all in the last month.


From collectable coins to a nutritional goodness drink the Shropshire-based PR agency, has been appointed to lead campaigns to raise the profile of each business throughout Britain.


Director Nathan Rous today described the client wins as the ‘perfect additions’ to the ever-growing portfolio of prestigious British brands.


“We are thrilled to announce these new contracts and look forward to working with each of these incredibly diverse businesses throughout the rest of the year and into 2018,” he added


“As we prepare to mark our tenth anniversary next year we couldn’t be more delighted to see the business continue to grow and expand both in terms of new contracts and staff who bring with them a wealth of experience in this industry.”


The win of Ideal Carehomes, which has 15 care homes located across the UK, comes after the appointment of new senior account manager, Sarah Hughes, who specialises in health and social care PR.


“Sarah joining our team has helped to strengthen the service we provide in a variety of sectors with her expertise in health care PR and crisis management. She is an incredible asset to the team.”


The news comes after Nathan Rous PR also signed deals with; Merrythought, Britain’s last remaining teddy bear factory; Nextbike the international bikeshare scheme; The Arts Centre Telford and Westonbirt School in Gloucestershire in 2017.


Nathan Rous PR specialises in public relations, video, social media and brand direction, having worked on a series of ambitious projects across a whole spectrum of industries, including fashion, interiors, travel and motoring.


Read it and weep but not over an OSCAR speech

Read it and weep but not over an OSCAR speech

So it’s Oprah for president after she led the charge of a new era at the Golden Globes. Not a dry eye in the house apparently after her rousing speech stole the night writes Tracey Rous.

Problem is while Oprah may represent some of the changes we would like to see in the world nothing really has changed. This is THE event where all the attendees should really stick to the day job. As a woman I found nothing so depressing as the protest of black dresses on the red carpet. Every expensive designer gown was still designed to basically make it all about what these women were wearing.  Slashed to the navel, cut to the thigh it was still about selling looks rather than anything like ability or a person’s worth – something that might make a difference.

And the holier than thou string of speeches was infuriating from powerful stars who have turned a blind eye to so many incidents of ill-treatment until it is trendy and career-friendly to speak out. The deluded stance being they can fix everything with a few soundbites from behind a podium with no suggestion they are willing to actually stick their head above the parapet and take a risk to do some good. The Golden Globes was a nauseous back-slapping exercise in “how wonderful are we at being humans in an awful world that needs us to save it” in an industry which really has no interest in what real life is all about.  Unless it boosts the old career.

It’s the worst kind of ivory tower and often only possible because fame creates a surreal platform that rarely questions the motives, knowledge or actions behind the words. When it comes to actual role models I’d like to be throw more names out there – Anne-Marie Lyons-Mummery,  Abdullah Kraam, David Holby-Wolinski, Irene Hicks and Jane Gould-Smith to name but a  few.

Not an Oscar or a Golden Globe between them but they will be hitting the red carpet at an awards do later this month for a lot more than learning a few lines from a script and looking good on the big screen. The NPR team has spent the last month talking to recipients of the British Citizen Awards (BCAs). A national honour bestowed on those who go above and beyond in a number of different categories from service to the community and healthcare to achievement internationally.

We decided to sponsor these awards for 2018 because they are specifically designed to seek out those unsung heroes doing something that really will change lives for the better. Now words like inspirational and humbling can be banded about and should be. Each one of the people I spoke to certainly deserve those sentiments but more importantly it was the sheer lack of “anything in it for me” that has resonated with me ever since.

Each story is incredible from raising hundreds of thousands of pounds for charity after the most unimaginable heartache or using their expertise to actually create something that does some good from surviving a murder attempt to go on and help victims of domestic abuse to establishing one of the largest clinics in the UK for teenagers in the justice system who suffer with mental health issues. One recipient had risked his career and his safety to create an educational programme for children in war-torn areas even after his father was almost killed by a bomb attack. He wanted to build bridges, show people there could be trust rather than violence between communities.

All have achieved quietly in an unassuming way, many facing extra costs from their own funds after achieving success with certain projects but they have kept on going. Most of them also had one simple truth to pass on – just do what you can. No grandiose speeches of how they had done this and that or how they were going to change things for the better by changing the dress code.

They just did what they did expecting nothing in return. And if they can we all can. I like having their voices in my head and want to hear more from them because their words are without agenda. And over the next few weeks we’ll be doing all we can to ensure their stories are heard loud and proud.


We’re on the hunt for a new Nathan Rous PR team member

We’re on the hunt for a new Nathan Rous PR team member

Do you want to come and work for the best PR agency in Shropshire? Ok, we may be slightly biased, however we have an incredible list of clients and we get amazing results. Oh, and we’re all really lovely.

If you’re looking for your first role within a PR agency or just have a passion to work within a creative industry and atmosphere, we’d love to hear from you.

We’ve grown quickly over the past few years and now we need somebody to keep us organised. If you have incredible organisational skills, you’re a whizz on a spreadsheet and you’re competent in social media, you are our dream person.

This is a role that could easily grow into a creative role within the business, be that whether your interest lies within PR, photography, videography, social media or design. We are quickly expanding and we want to develop all of our employees with the business.

List of responsibilities

  • Manage and monitor client social media accounts
  • Use a range of office software, including email, spreadsheets and databases, to ensure the efficient running of the office
  • Liaise with the media often via telephone and email
  • Monitor and save press coverage
  • Organise the sending out of client samples to the media

If you fit the bill, or know someone who might, email Tracey or ring 01952 728526.